Remove OnlineVideoConverter virus from Chrome, Firefox and IE

Although Internet connectivity is the ubiquitous norm nowadays, users may need to download multimedia content onto their devices rather than watch streaming videos. The common motivation for doing so is to be able to enjoy a favorite clip or movie when offline. There are tools that do […]

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Decrypt and remove GermanWiper ransomware virus

Most ransomware campaigns are geographically scattered to maximize their reach. While this is an understandable tactic of the extortionists, some blackmail infections target specific areas only. This is the case with GermanWiper, a ransom Trojan that splashed onto the cybercrime scene in early August 2019. It was […]

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Decrypt and remove .bip files ransomware virus

Whoever masterminded the Dharma/CrySiS ransomware lineage appears to be proficient in cryptography, because there is no way to retrieve the private decryption key unless the victim opts for the ransom deal with the criminals. With the professionally orchestrated distribution campaign underway, the characteristics of this epidemic are […]

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.KRAB files ransomware: decrypt and remove GandCrab v4 virus

Ransomware lineages come and go, but the one called GandCrab stays. Indeed, there are very few ransom Trojan species that survived the plummeting that began in late 2017. The above-mentioned strain, though, appears to be thriving and evolving regardless. Its latest variant is an upshot of several […]

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Decrypt Cryptomix Ransomware and Restore .BACKUP Files

.BACKUP extension, as added to the names of the files stored on a computer system indicates Cryptomix Trojan has compromised the system and completed its malicious payload. Its core action reworks files to be found on the attacked device with a military-grade scrambling method. This basically leaves […]

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How to Remove Gandcrab V3 Ransomware and Restore .CRAB Files

Gandcrab V3 ransomware is free of the flaws that enabled security enthusiasts and authorities to mitigate impacts caused by previous versions with the release of free decryption for all the parties concerned. The infection aims at harvesting a ransom to be paid in DASH for the solution […]

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Restore .java Files and Remove Dharma Ransomware (Updated April 2018)

.java File Virus – Dharma Ransomware imposes encryption on certain files it can reach upon installing its components into a target device. Dharma ransomware, once designating a specific threat, now rather indicates a somewhat generic name for the viruses developed from the same prototype. Java virus, accordingly, […]

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Get rid of GANDCRAB V2.0 virus and decrypt .CRAB files

GranCrab extortion virus spotted in February 2018 hit a number of users. This attracted authorities and security firms. In order to help the victims who suffered the ransomware invasion, Romanian national cybersecurity and Europol hacked the remote command-and-control center behind the malware. The server contained some of […]

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How to Remove GandCrab Virus and Decrypt .Gdcb Files

Another wave of ransomware propagation circulates GandCrab virus; this release features a range of peculiarities making it a stand-alone specimen. First off, the malware is one of a kind as it accepts payments in DASH. Most of the counterparts stick to bitcoins, with few minor exceptions, neither […]

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Get Rid of Rapid Ransomware and Decrypt .rapid Files

Rapid ransomware has been around since the first days of 2018. The first case approved by trusted security labs dates back to January 3. Since that, some 300 cases were reported to ID-ransomware database only. The actual number of victims is likely to be much greater, and […]

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