Get Rid of [email protected] Virus and Decrypt .Java Files

[email protected] ransom Trojan is one of the strains for .java ransomware. Digging a bit further reveals the .java ransomware itself is but a spin-off, a new member of Drahma/Crysis encryption-for-ransom family. Apart from [email protected], there are, at least, such instances of .java Trojan as [email protected], [email protected] One […]

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How to Decrypt .WORK Files (Cryptomix Ransomware)

A new variant of Cryptomix ransomware that is called .WORK file virus targets a wide range of users. The attack aims at forcing the user to pay the ransom. In exchange, the crooks state they are to release the decryption key that is able to decrypt the […]

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Remove and Decrypt StorageCrypt Ransomware

StorageCrypt ransomware targets cloud and other network attached storage (NAS) devices as its distributors make use of SambaCry vulnerability to drop the infection. The vulnerability is also known to be exploited for unauthorized installation of cryptocurrency miners. Basically, SambaCry is a flaw that occurs as you create […]

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Decrypt .FUCK Files and Remove GlobeImposter 2.0 Ransomware

If your files have a new extension .FUCK it means you are infected with one of the most common variants of GlobeImposter 2.0 ransomware. Why Imposter? This part of the malware name suggests the infection is not true to the name it bears. That is to say, […]

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How to Decrypt .scarab Files and Remove the Corresponding Ransomware

Breaking into malware news this week is the re-emergence of Scarab ransomware. The blackmail malware under review is built on the basis of Hidden-Tear ransomware project code but has many new features and improvements. The noteworthy element of the Scarab ransomware outbreak is its use of the […]

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How to Decrypt .cobra File Virus (Dharma/Crysis Ransomware)

Security researchers from the ID-Ransomware project have found a new version of the Dharma – Crysis Ransomware this week. This new variant creates the .cobra extension to all locked files. For now, it is not clear how this version is being spread. In the past Dharma – […]

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How to Decrypt and Restore .asasin Files (Locky Ransomware)

Asasin is rather an extension than an individual release of ransomware. This follows that of Ykcol, the latter is deemed to be eliminated from circulation. Both are the file extension that the victims find attached after the invasion of the Locky encryption plague. The latter, in its […]

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Decrypt and Restore .Encrypt Files (GIBON Ransomware)

GIBON Ransomware does not differ profoundly from other variants of ransomware. Just like any infection, this variant needs to be installed on a computer system. That enables the hackers to execute the encryption-for-ransom-payload. All victims would see the .encrypt extension added to the files processed by the […]

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Uninstall Alpha Shoppers From Chrome and Get Rid of Intrusive Ads

The auto opening of the Alpha Shoppers site every time Chrome is launched indicates that your browser settings have been changed. From a technical perspective, the reason for these changes is a small program, the main purpose of which is to modify the settings of the web-browser. […]

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Get Rid of Adware in Windows 7, 8, 10 (Fee Guide) adware suggests you are to be a smart online surfer. That implies, according to the description on its website, the user is going to get real-time notifications on sales, coupons, and ads relevant to the previous browsing. offers all those features as a big relief, […]

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