Surf Spy v2.10

Screenshot of the internal log viewer.Surf Spy is an invisible tool that monitors the Internet activity on your computer. It captures the link (URL) of every visited web site and stores it to a password protected encrypted file.

For remote surveillance of networked PCs the log file can be sent secretly with email to a specified receiver. Ideal for parents who want to monitor their children while they are away. In the stealth mode, Surf Spy does not show up in the system tray, task bar, or task list.

Surf Spy is compatible with all web browsers. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, AOL and Mozilla have been used during testing.

Surf Spy Enterprise allows logging to a centralized server. It allows companies and individuals to track the surfing habit of all PCs and users easily and invisibly. It logs the visited web site, user name, ip numbers, computer name and access times, into a password-protected encrypted file. This is very useful for large companies and schools that want to monitor a large number of computers, employees or students.

Surf Spy is Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP compatible.

Tucows rated Surf Spy 5/5!
Tucows rated Surf Spy 5/5 cows!

Examples of usage
Parental control – Parents can monitor their children’s Internet surfing habit. Surf Spy can run invisible to avoid detection.

Large scale monitoring – Surf Spy Enterprise Server is suitable for companies or schools by offering the possibility to store and view the logs at one central location.

Some features
– Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP compatible
– Invisible
– Send the logfile with e-mail
– Log to a centralised server
– URL / User / Computer filter
– Encryption of the logfile
– Logs the current user and computer
– Logs the URLs of the visited homepages
– Very configurable
– Easy to deploy

About the demo version
The demo version can’t run invisibly.

More info
Read more in the online manual and FAQs.

Surf Spy Personal manual
Surf Spy Personal FAQ

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Surf Spy is an invisible tool that monitors the Internet activity on your computer. It captures the link of every visited web site. Read more >>

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