Farsighter v2.00

FarsighterFarsighter monitors a remote computer invisibly by streaming video to a viewer on your computer. You will know exactly what is happening on the remote computer as you see it in real-time.

Some applications are:
– Monitor your computer from a remote location.
– Parents can monitor what their children are doing.
– Demonstrate programs remotely.

Farsighter has two parts. A server that invisibly captures screen video and sends it to a remote viewer. The client (viewer) displays the video from the server.

What makes Farsighter different from other remote spy/control systems are:
– The server can execute invisibly.
– It doesn’t require a video hook driver.
– Farsighter has a very low impact on system performance.
– Farsighter comes in a very small package, server 1.5 MB and client 1.4 MB.

Farsighter is Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP compatible.

Farsighter was previously named “Windows Spy”.

About the demo version
The demo version can’t run invisibly.

More Info
Please read more about Farsighter in the manual and FAQ.

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Farsighter monitors a remote computer invisibly by streaming real-time video to a viewer on your computer. Read more >>