Remove Searchult virus ( from Chrome, Firefox and Explorer

What the average user should know about adware is that it infects PCs in a covert way and mainly affects the Internet browsing facet of computer usage. There exist quite a few variants of this virus cluster, but the prevalent type is just like Searchult. If you […]

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Remove dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate virus from Windows

Remove dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate virus from Windows

A brief yet very important disclaimer from the start: dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate is absolutely not a virus. In fact, the name denotes an essential Windows process used to host other operating system processes. The OS relies on this service for executing some untrusted code, so it’s […]

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Remove Roll Around Ads from websites in Chrome, Firefox and IE

Accurately diagnosing the PC problem when Roll Around Ads are popping up on random sites is not hard. The troublemaker in such scenarios is always a malicious browser extension or plugin which, as per corrupt impact on the target system, is generally denominated “adware” in security suites’ […]

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Remove Ads by UniDeals (UniDeeAlsi add-on) from Chrome, Firefox and IE

Here’s the thing: trusting never-heard-of-before software in terms of enhancing one’s online activities is a risky habit whose irrationality is demonstrated to the fullest by the app called UniDeals. This tool looks right on the face of it, but once it comes to how the computer is […]

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Remove (Quick Start) virus from Chrome, Firefox and Explorer

The so-called “landing pages” involved in adware campaigns are typically harmless from the security stance, being no exception. It doesn’t render malicious scripts or drop exploits onto a computer, plus the design is pretty eye-catching. What tends to be imperceptible at first sight, though, is the […]

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iStartSurf virus removal from Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers

Being in charge of web traffic patterns is supposed to be the exclusive prerogative of the person using any given computer, but regretfully this authority might get invasively overtaken by a piece of software without getting proper approval from the user. The applications designed for this abominable […]

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