TeslaCrypt 3.0 Prevention, Recovery, Removal

TeslaCrypt 3.0 designates another modification of the notorious crypto ransomware. The malware family has extended to three distinct variants. The reader has perhaps already realized this article highlights the third edition of the virus. As the first draft of TeslaCrypt 3.0 description is being developed no verified […]

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Capricornus ads free removal guide for all browsers

Capricornus pretends to enhance your browsing experiences. Why, the enhancement may differ from case to case. Capricornus ads refer to the same-name advertising program. The adware is also referred to as a browser hijacker, redirect virus, etc. In the opinion of holders of the adware, the enhancement […]

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How to Uninstall Constant Fun Adware from Windows 7, 8, 10

Constant Fun ads permanently pop up in computer browsers. Recurrent redirects to the contents brought by the service indicate the adware invasion. Ads by Constant Fun are powered from within affected computers. It is a computer application that arranges the redirects. The application is defined by IT […]

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Uninstall Price Fountain from Windows. “Ads by PriceFountain” Removal Tips

PriceFountain is a marketing add-on. The application clearly defines itself as such. Such approach is rather innocent and laudable. It is good to note its counterparts’ attempts to conceal their actual performance. That does not make any good reason to keep the adware installed on your PC. […]

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Remove Sound+ from Windows and get rid of annoying ads

Sound+ is a low-level threat. It affects certain aspects of web-browsing while pretending to enhance music experiences. In particular, it is known to improve sound quality, especially in earphones. The program has been classified as adware due to the strictly negative feedback of its users. The experiences […]

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Mysites123 annoys too much. A stand-alone website has been established to facilitate its removal. The issue has gone that far. Tolerating the adware is a bad idea. Remove at the first opportunity. That ensures your browsing is redirects-free. The adware is defined so as it imposes […]

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How to get rid of HELP_YOUR_FILES ransomware virus

Malicious programs may run quietly in the background. They may perform their tasks without making users aware of their presence. That is the case with such malware as keyloggers, spyware, redirect Trojans, etc. There are interactive malicious programs. They do not hesitate to announce their presence. Such […]

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Get rid of Newpoptab pop-up ads in Windows 7, 8, 10

Newpoptab sets your browser to favor same-name page registered with .com domain. It is a redirect platform. It covers a computer application and a set of browser adjustments. The application is defined rather as a risk than established malware. However, users often call it a virus, Trojan […]

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Get rid of Cryptowall 4.0 ransomware and help your encrypted files

Cryptowall 4.0 builds up a crypto wall between you and your data. It is worth making as each decryption costs around USD 700 to a victim. Purchasing the decryption so far is the only way that ensures your data is at your disposal after the crpytoware invasion. […]

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Get rid of Radamant Ransomware. Recover files with .RDM extension

Holding files encrypted for ransom is the most deadly attack on your computer system. The files had already been affected as user spotted the damage. The only ultimate solution to get the files in the state they had been before encryption would be to pay the ransom […]

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