Remove Sonic Train ads from Chrome, Firefox and IE

PC users may unwittingly opt into obtrusive services while performing workaday actions. In particular, this applies to getting some freeware up and running, where the setup isn’t as plain and straightforward as expected. The designers of Sonic Train adware, for example, are taking advantage of software packages […]

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SaveLots Ads virus removal from Chrome, Firefox and IE

To fully understand what an adware attack looks like, it suffices to catch the digital malady named SaveLots. It exemplifies the type of browser infections focusing on the display of promotional content directly inside web pages regardless of whether those are e-shopping sites or not. Unlike the […]

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How to uninstall YouTube Accelerator add-on from Chrome, Firefox and IE

The main reason why multimedia-related software is popular is because its features enhance the entertainment facet of one’s digital experience, which is a whole rapidly progressing market. This popularity is a mixed blessing, though. It encourages ill-minded IT people to come up with media tools that exhibit […]

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Remove homepage from Chrome, Firefox and IE

Browser preferences are, inherently, the components that simplify one’s online surfing by providing the option of configuring shortcuts to certain sites, which are correlated with routine actions. The most popular ones include the homepage, default search and new tab page. Malicious programs called “adware” are intended to […]

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Remove CryptPKO ransomware (Crypt.pko) and unlock encrypted files

The term “ransomware” is a buzzword in the computer security world, with new increasingly complex samples regularly going live. CryptPKO, also known as Crypt.pko, has been on the loose since late 2014, and after a lengthy dormancy it appears to be back with an upward distribution trend […]

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Remove (Yoursearching virus) from Chrome, Firefox and IE

Preventing malicious software from infecting an operating system isn’t a matter of some universal recommendation or a few, because computer viruses, similarly to their organic counterparts, are continuously ‘mutating’ in various contexts. There are samples of malware that use highly complex vectors of contamination such as exploit […]

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Remove istartpageing virus from Chrome, Firefox and IE

Browsing preferences are great features that make it easy for users to define specific online traffic shortcuts, associating certain frequent actions with select websites. Owing to this functionality, it’s a piece of cake to get a favorite search engine, blog, news portal, whatnot to open right away […]

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Remove isearch123 virus ( from Chrome, Firefox and IE

Circumstances of being infected with a piece of adware are integrally associated with user distress and software malfunctions. One of the recent samples, which repeatedly reroutes one’s browser to during web surfing, deploys belligerent traffic redistribution while paying totally no heed to the preferences of whoever […]

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Crazy Score ads removal for Chrome, Firefox and IE

“Brought by Crazy Score” is what computer users see typed in small font at the bottom of ads that are extremely exasperating. The interesting thing is that it’s a browser extension to blame for the display of these objects, unlike the commonplace online marketing that complies with […]

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Remove luckybeginning virus ( search) from Chrome, Firefox and IE

The activity of site is counterproductive by all means, because it is involved in a complex scheme of web traffic theft and subsequent exploitation thereof. The above-mentioned domain appears to have been created specifically for promoting other websites, services, products and software in a really controversial […]

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