How to decrypt files protected by a strong encryption with RSA-4096

There are not so many ways to benefit from hacking. If you go into the dark side of the force, and you are going to do damage to users by locking their files with RSA-4096 crypto, such malicious hacking is dubbed a black-hat hacking. Black-hat hackers can […]

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How to Get Rid of Bronze Aid in Windows 7, 8, 10

Bronze Aid redirects browsers to annoying pages and shows ads. It’s a booming business. The redirecting occurs through online and installed gateways. The former refers to codes inserted into web-pages while the latter is about the adware installed into computer systems. If you keep stumbling upon unwanted […]

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Get rid of Yoursites123 in Chrome, IE, Firefox

Sometimes pages stick to your browser. Your browser behave as though addicted to those odd websites. For inexperienced user Yoursites123 may look like a decent option for home-page and other standard browsing points. The page looks like a replica of Google or any other common search engine. […]

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Get rid of .ccc virus as yet another version of TeslaCrypt ransomware

.ccc may seem to be a harmless file extension. Lately, the combination of those letters have marked deadly virus invasion into computing devices. The invader applies Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which implements a symmetric key algorithm. The symmetric encryption means the same key is required to decrypt […]

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How to restore and decrypt .vvv extension files

Internet community is vividly discussing .vvv files as new version of TeslaCrypt ransomware has been spotted. Unfortunately, it has already made its way to a great number of computers. Victims are desperate to get rid of .vvv ransomware and restore access to their files. As compared to […]

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Engriks virus removal (easy and free guide)

Engriks is a fake system utility. It pretends to enhance the performance of your Android device. However, if you google its name, the feedback will be awful. All the top returned links pose the same question: how to remove Engriks redirects? The issue is that those top […]

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Delete homepage from Chrome, Firefox, IE

IT industry provides a number of highly-efficient search tools. They yield relevant results according to the keywords we enter. Jesus once said: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” Of course, all those wonderful solutions apply some dodges to […]

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Remove Homepage and Get Rid of Rude Redirects is a cloned browser hijacker. However, self-appointed geeks claim it is a brand new threat. The name is a web-address. However, it rather refers to a computer program. The program is deemed to be annoying and unwanted. IT experts do not support the opinion that it […]

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Get Rid of Middle Rush Ads in Chrome, Firefox, IE

Online marketing is ongoing. Nearly every website nowadays features third party commercials. Some try to prevent the intervention with ad blocking. However, such tactic would rather slow down websites loading. Moreover, it blocks only the ads brought by websites. That fails to prevent the redirects triggered from […]

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Remove eFast Browser adware and its ads in Chrome, Firefox and IE

Virtual counterparts of real-world impostors can be just as disruptive. The open-source Chromium project, which is the cradle of the highly popular Google Chrome, is being heavily taken advantage of, giving rise to clone software occurrences. The copycat tactic tends to get so efficient that it may […]

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