Get Rid of the Losers Ransomware and Decrypt .losers Files and HOWTODECRYPTFILES.html Alert

.losers affects computer data with a powerful encryption-based transformation. This deprives the unhappy victims of the access to the readable content. The amount of data remains unchanged. However, in the case of information, the amount is only one of the characteristics; it does not count where the […]

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Get Rid Of “The Roboto Condensed Font Was Not Found” Scam

The Roboto Condensed font was not found is a popup that promotes malware. The scam rests upon a malicious script written in Java. This generates a misleading screen that notifies you of the technical issue, namely that the Roboto Condensed font is not available, hence the web […]

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Remove Magniber Virus (My Decryptor) and Decrypt .ihsdj and .kgpvwnr Files

Magniber is a fresh ransomware variant being increasingly spread by the Magnitude Exploit Kit. It seems to be a descendant of the Cerber Ransomware. Although many elements of the Magniber Ransomware differ from Cerber, the payment portal and the documents} it encrypts are almost identical. Magniber means […]

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Get Rid of Adware (Easy Step-By-Step Guide) says it is going to respect your privacy. To look more trustworthy the infection offers direct access to Google account via the links at the top upper corner. Those promises and features should are not adequate for trust. The users concerned are willing to get rid […]

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How to Get Rid of Adskeeper Ads in Windows 7, 8, 10

Adskeeper enables its clients to sell and buy traffic. It offers opportunities for publishers (website holders publishing the ads for reward) and advertisers (provide the content and pay for publishing thereof). In general, the business is a legitimate one, but some clients may go beyond a reasonable […]

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How to Get Rid of Hbpix File (Adware Removal Guide)

HBPix is a suspicious application that may load automatically on your device. It is likely to contain a piece of adware or malware. A number of users refer to HBPix as their antivirus has reported a suspicious download. Others have detected the trespasser manually. The most popular […]

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Decrypt and Restore .ykcol Files (Locky Ransomware)

Ykcol file virus, also known as Locky ransomware, hacks computer data rather than a computer system. It ensures the system remains functional. The infection is an interactive threat. It needs its victims to communicate with its distributors. That is why the essential system files remain intact. This […]

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Decrypt Paradise Ransomware and Restore .paradise Files

The infection name is a conventional designation. Most of the users concerned call it Paradise ransomware. That is because of what they see, the extension added at the end of any file. The Paradise ransomware appends the same-name string at the end of any item it hacks. […]

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Restore Files Encrypted by the SynAck Ransomware

Within the last three days, there seemed to be a rise in activity from a comparatively undiagnosed ransomware virus called SynAck. This specific ransomware was initially discovered in the beginning of August and malware specialists instantly confirmed they were seeing a brand new ransomware family. SynAck activity […]

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How to Decrypt .arena File Virus (CryptoMix Ransomware)

If .arena is added to a filename, it won’t be readable to any software. Its content is strongly modified. It is the new variant of the ransomware called CryptoMix that has introduced the changes. The virus has applied a strong military-grade encryption. The resulted content is gibberish. […]

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