Remove and Decrypt .lukitus File Virus (Locky Ransomware)

Locky is true to its name as it pretends to be a strain of ransomware. It hits again and again constantly changing its names. This time Locky is using the .lukitus file extension. To drop the ransomware, the hackers resort to a number of tactics. One of […]

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Decrypt .726 File Virus (GlobeImposter Ransomware)

GlobeImposter comes up with another spin-off. This one is true to its counterparts in most of the aspects. The only distinguishing trait is adding the ‘.726’ extension to the files affected. The users concerned also find a ransom note dropped on their devices under the following name: […]

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Remove and Decrypt .diablo6 Ransomware Files

Diablo6 is a file extension that any software cannot process. It is not meant for that. The extension is a hallmark of the notorious Locky encryption-for-ransom revival. The Locky ransom Trojan has been around long since. However it was once a major and even No. 1 malware, […]

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Remove and Decrypt .725 File Virus (GlobeImposter Ransomware)

Malicious encryption software called GlobeImposter has been around long since. Here comes its edition named after the extension it adds, the .725 GlobeImposter. The ransomware adds .725 at the end of the names of the files it has scrambled. Ransomware distributors are not limited in the schemes […]

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How to Uninstall PcHandller Virus from Chrome, Firefox, IE

PcHandller may look like a good option for computer security. The best thing about this application is to keep your PC away from its installation. In the case the program is already onboard, get rid of PcHandller. This is a piece of malware. The infection has been […]

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Got Message from [email protected]? Immediately Scan for Viruses!

[email protected] is one of the latest email addresses used by Trickbot banking Trojan authors to mass spam users all over the world. The latter email address has nothing to do with the same-named company which website matches the name after @. That is to say, the crooks […]

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How to Remove and Decrypt .GORO File Virus

GORO ransomware is yet another version of GlobeImposter ransomware. This one is extremely invasive and becomes a major troublemaker of this midsummer. Security software detects the virus under a range of names. In a number of cases, the detecting tools label it with a name that mentions […]

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Decrypt .MORT Files and Get Rid of This Nasty Ransomware

MORT ransom Trojan leverages the power of modern cyber-encryption. It keeps data hostage until after the victims purchase the decryption remedy. The encryption it applies is really strong; it is strong enough to withstand any brute-forcing available with the most powerful computing power. MORT ransomware is often […]

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How to Get Rid of Reyptson Virus and Decrypt Your Files

Reyptson ransomware is able to cycle data in such a way that it becomes gibberish. The infection wants the users concerned to pay for processing the data back. This specimen rather targets Spanish-speaking audience. Most of the samples taken in the wild drop their ransom note composed […]

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How to Get Rid of and Decrypt .EXTE File Virus

CryptoMix encryption now adds the following to the names of affected items: .EXTE. This extra extension marks another spinoff in the ransomware family. The encryption by this variant of CryptoMix also modifies main part of a file name. To be precise, the filename undergoes severe encryption to […]

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