Get rid of WildFire Locker ransomware virus

WildFire Locker overcomes most of the protection systems. It is a computer program that runs a malicious encryption. The routine blocks access to the items stored on a compromised machine. Besides, the scrambling affects destinations beyond the memory of affected device. It tries to scramble data stored […]

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Remove web page that opens every time you restart your PC is a blog on PC gaming news. The seemingly harmless website has a questionable security certificate. Visiting the page challenges your cyber defense up to direct introduction of a malicious Javascript. On the other hand, users keep on stumbling upon the above URL exactly because their […]

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How to remove Searchboro ads and browser redirect

Searchboro is a striking example of unfair marketing practice. From a legal standpoint, the adware installs its components flawlessly. It typically goes attached to other software. The user is supposed to read and understand the installation conditions when grabbing the items online. Those clauses are very long […]

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How to get rid of in Windows 7, 8, 10 hosts a set of popular online services. It provides instant access to search engines, social networks, and online superstores. The concept has too many implementations as such online hubs collect information on browsing habits. This data is a precious commodity if sold freely. The implications of […]

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Get rid of redirects and remove hidden browser hijacker seems to be a comprehensive online hub. It is similar to such websites as as it redirects its visitors to a page dubbed Google custom search. The search actually provides the same results as any Google search, save its adding extra links. Those extras promote […]

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Remove Kovter Trojan from Windows 7, 8, 10

Kovter is a brand new way of residing on a host PC. This computer infection does not drop any files. Instead, it creates registry entries. The values in the Registry behind the Trojan do not expose themselves. A regular registry cleaner cannot remove Kovter virus as the […]

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Remove Searchglobo custom search and get rid of malicious ads and redirects

Searchglobo pretends to provide a Google custom search. This way of exploring the web turns to be the same as a direct use of the above search engine. The only difference is the extra gateway. Searchglobo has no tool of its own for matching the page contents […]

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Get rid of Trotux search hijacker. Avoid nasty ads and redirects

Trotux is a typical search redirect. The design of the page has repeated itself in a countless number of landing pages. It includes Web, Images, Videos, News at the top of the page. Hence the users may customize the search. For instance, clicking the News includes only […]

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Zepto Ransomware Spreads Through Emails with .docm Attachments

A .docm file attached to the message from any sender shall undergo extra verification. You may believe the document comes from the entity that you know too well to expect any fraud. Please note the hackers nowadays often resort to targeted attacks using viruses hidden in .docm […]

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Get Rid of Youndoo adware in Windows 7, 8, 10

Youndoo modifies overall system settings, as well as tweaks browsing software. There are some common misperceptions about the issue. Common opinion tends to associate it with a particular browser. True, the adware acts through certain web-navigation medium. Its kernel remains outside any application. The virus is a […]

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