Get Rid of adware in Windows 7, 8, 10 is meant to track back your search queries and log other online activities. A sophisticated application dropped into computer systems supports the above website. Once introduced, the newcomer modifies a bunch of Internet settings ensuring automated redirects to the URL. The page annoys its visitors as […]

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Decrypt .cryp1 Files and Remove the Ransomware Trojan Behind It

.cryp1 is another file extension associated with ransomware. The name actually refers to CryptXXX virus. This ransomware is constantly changing. The layout has changed: it is more distinctive now. The previous edition was a replica of Cryptowall in terms of the nag screens and general appearance, but […]

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How to Get Rid of Hohosearch Browser Virus from Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Edge

Hohosearch is configured to generate a refined traffic. The webpage is backed by a malicious redirect and browser hijacker. It is that virus that arranges your sudden visits to the ads through the gateway of If we talk about the removal of Hohosearch, we imply the […]

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Uninstall (MPC Safe Navigation) from Chrome, FireFox, Edge is available for visiting in many countries. The URL is super-suspicious and lets viewing its pages to local visitors with different languages requesting access. On the other hand, many users are actually forced to encounter its pages. is a striking example of a forced traffic […]

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How to remove from Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Opera obtains its visitors with the system of onboard and online traps. The former gets installed into an operating system to introduce and maintain relevant add-on in the browser. The add-on ensures the user lands on the specific pages, being one or the only one of […]

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How to Remove Social2Search from Windows 7, 8, 10

Social2Search may seem to be an innocent startup. The name refers to a website that pretends to bring together major social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, its home-page also offers the instructions on how to get rid of Social2Search add-on. The point is the users concerned […]

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How to Get Rid of .Crypt Ransomware Virus

Crypt ransomware virus owes its name to the file extension appended. Each item hit by the malware gets a new extension .crypt. It is not that one cannot read the affected files due to the above modification. In fact, the solution would be pretty easy, had it […]

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How To Get Rid of EasyDialSearch Browser Hijacker

EasyDialSearch insists on your using its services. The name may sound a bit confusing. To make things clear, it refers to the same-name website,, as well as tricky routines and programs behind the URL. The website pretends to be a decent search engine. It actually returns […]

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How to Get Rid of Viceice Malware

Viceice is associated with the same-name website, They say it is but an innocent search engine. Immediately, there are a couple of observations to set forth as an objection. First of all, the website enjoys a support of an application. It is commonly referred to as […]

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Remove CryptXXX Ransomware and Decrypt .Crypt Files

A .Crypt extension used to be chiefly associated with a popular application for instant messaging. Currently, it is commonly indicative of Internet scam featuring data hijacking for ransom. The ransomware affects any data stored on a computer system. It applies a sophisticated routine that modifies original code […]

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