Got the Firefox-Patch.exe Message? Learn What to Do

Firefox-Patch.exe convince web-surfers to “Download now” the “Urgent Firefox update.” They upload a page dressed up as a Mozilla official website. However, one may easily tell this one from the original. The address displayed in the URL tab is obviously from some third party page. A true […]

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Remove “All of your files are encrypted with RSA-2048 and AES-128 ciphers” virus. RSA-2048 and AES-128 ransomware help

RSA-2048 and AES-128 have been continuously associated with ransomware. Actually, these are the encryption standards that may help you protect your data from unwanted disclosure. Alas, black hat hackers nowadays profoundly abuse those powerful tools. They deprive users of access to their data scrambling the files with […]

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Get Rid of “Hello, New User” Popup in Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Hello, new user pursues web-surfers. The Internet seems to go insane as all the websites display the above message. In fact, if you stumble upon the popup at any landing page, this indicates a viral invasion. A piece of adware has managed to overcome your firewall and […]

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Remove Zepto virus and decrypt .zepto files

Zepto is very similar to the infamous Locky ransomware. Besides, just like any ransoming plague, it wants you to pay in exchange of undoing the damage caused. The ransomware encodes your data using strong encryption. The science estimates it would take a super computer more time than […]

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Hightsearch Adware Free Removal Guide

Hightsearch does not have a search engine of its own. At a first glance, it seems to harness third party solutions. The concept itself is not that bad. However, it goes the wrong way. The implementation perverts the idea worth trying. The page collects data on your […]

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Remove Virus from Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Opera is a destination the users do not want to go to. Many keep on visiting the URL, though. There is a force that drives people to the destination against their will. There is no magic wand, of course. A simple yet extremely annoying application arranges the […]

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Get Rid of Nuesearch Adware in Windows 7, 8, 10

Nuesearch sets your browser to load the pages it assigns. The users concerned say they have not authorized any such actions. Holders of the adware would claim the opposite. According to their statement, any installations and follow-up modifications undergo transparent and fully informed approval by the end […]

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Remove DarkComet RAT and Avoid Unauthorized Computer Access

DarkComet RAT enables to exercise control over a machine remotely from another machine. The application has a controversial background. Eventually, the author of the software had to announce the shutdown of the project. The reason was the massive misuse of the application by black hat hackers and […]

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How to get rid of .xtbl file virus once and for all

XTBL file virus has long since been circulated by a number of hacking groups. The program under review is an encrypting virus. It holds your data scrambled demanding a fee to undo the encryption. Unfortunately, it is not a scary fraud; it is a grim reality for […]

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Decrypt .Crypz Files and Get Rid of CryptXXX 3.0 Ransomware

Another ransom threat one is to be aware of is the .crypz encryption virus. The plague owes its name to its adding the same-name extension to the files on a computer system. That is a distinct trait, but not the kernel. The greatest damage is, of course, […]

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