Decrypt .aesir files and get rid of new variant of Locky ransomware

The latest variant of the nasty Locky file-encrypting pest has changed its name again. It is now called Aesir because it changes its victims files extensions to .aesir. It leverages an old school trick to proliferate. Its new version dupes users into enabling macros in a Microsoft […]

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Cerber 4.1.5 Ransomware: Free Removal and Recovery Guide

Cerber 4.1.5 ransomware applies best practice of data encryption. Unfortunately, the advanced methods of data scrambling are now readily available to anyone, including crooks. The infection installs its encrypting tool on corporate and network computers. Prior to implementing the crypto payload, the rogue scans the memory available. […]

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How to Get Rid of in Windows 7, 8, 10 disrupts browser settings and ongoing operation. The above URL refers to both actual web address and a bug behind it. The page itself seems to feature some online games, powerful searches and so on. In reality, it simply creates extra stage as you try to Google […]

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Decrypt .thor files and remove Locky ransomware

Authors of the famous Locky virus have been very active creating upgrades to their notorious ransomware virus this month. Only several weeks ago after the introduction of the former Odin version, the newest kind had been discovered that creates the .thor file extension. Besides the moderately unusual […]

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Decrypt Cerber 4 ransomware with random 4 characters file extension

Cerber 4 ransomware locks files stored on a computer system using a strong cipher. If possible, it also targets files available via affected computer at the network shares and removable media. This locking means the infection transforms the data to be held for ransom in a number […]

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How to Get Rid of Browser Hijacker brings together most popular web-hubs like Gmail, Facebook. The page features a search line. The icons redirecting to such well-known destinations appear behind it. The users are not happy to see They complain it loads any time they launch their browsers. Meanwhile, the reporters complain […]

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Readme.hta File Virus – Remove Cerber Ransomware

IT security circles got used to ransomware strains sticking to the tactic of adding particular strings to the names of affected files. For instance, Cerber has surfaced as a piece of ransomware that appends .cerber extension to the items affected. The modification of filename is not that […]

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Recover .odin Files and Get Rid of New Version of Locky Virus

.Odin designates another extension that means you cannot read your files. Any software cannot render the files assigned with the above suffix. The Locky ransomware scrambles nearly any type of data on target PC. Some observers quote the particular formats. Frankly, any common data format is subject […]

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Decrypt Unblockupc ransomware – recover files and remove virus

Unblockupc virus emerged just several days ago, in September the 23rd. Apart from featuring a flawless encryption algorithm, Unblockupc ransomware displays a range of distinct traits. First off, the Trojan creates a Files encrypted.txt file in each folder. The message in it resorts to rather simple wording, […]

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How to Get Rid of Malware in Windows 7, 8, 10 brings together the most popular Internet services. For instance, it may feature redirects to Gmail, Tweeter, and Facebook. The redirects run properly so that one may conclude the web-hub is a decent one. The grim reality is a browser hijacker that supports the forced redirects to […]

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