JiveLint v1.22

JiveLint is a command line tool employing static analysis on your JAVA source code. Potential bugs and weak points are reported and the manual describes how the source code can be improved. JiveLint also checks that the source code follows a set of coding convention rules.

For example, JiveLint will find unused code and variables, switch blocks without a default case, if a class overrides “Object.equals()” but not “Object.hashCode()”, if code use == to compare Strings instead of equals().

JiveLint’s goals:
-Improve source code quality by pointing out a large number of dangerous source code constructs.
-Improve readability, maintainability and debugging by enforcing a carefully selected set of coding and naming conventions.
-Communicate knowledge how to write high quality code by an in-detail manual describing and reasoning why a rule will improve source code quality.

More info
Read more in the online manual and FAQ.

About the demo
The demo is free. It will expire after 15 days.

JiveLint is integrated in JadeIDE. JadeIDE is a lightweight integrated development environment that supports the coding and testing of Java programs.

JiveLint is integrated in SitePad Pro and JPad Pro by Modelworks Software. SitePad Pro and JPad Pro are integrated development environments for Java and other languages including javascript, perl, html, and jsp. Features include code folding, bookmarks, smart complete, smart indent, syntax coloring, content viewer, custom file types, ability to write your own JavaScript tools and much more.

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