How to stop Messenger Service pop up spam

Tired of getting annoying Messenger Service pop up spam? Do not linger, you can stop these messages from appearing!

This is a new breed of spam that has been possible for many years. It can happen even when your web browser is closed. Why people waited until now to start using this type of pop up spam is not known. In fact, there is legitimate use of Messenger Service pop ups. System administrators may send a Messenger Service pop up window to users to display important information. The problem is that anyone, not just the system administrator, can send messages. Spammers have taken advantage of this sad fact.

Basically you have three choices how to block Messenger Service pop up spam:

Download a pop up killer. Stop-the-Pop-Up is a freeware popup stopper that will kill these Messenger Service pop ups. It will also stop all ordinary pop ups that appear while you surf the web.

Download a firewall. Most personal firewalls automatically stop Messenger Service pop ups.

Disable the “Messenger Service” service. You can find more information here.

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