How to dramatically decrease your product submission time

Dear Developer,
Submitting your new software product is repetitive and time consuming, but nevertheless a very important task. Developers do not want to spend their time browsing from one shareware site to another and entering the same data over and over.

Traditional way
Instead of typing the same information on every site you can use the standard clipboard. Copy the title from a text file and then paste it in the submission form. Copy the homepage link from a text file and then paste it on the submission page etc.

Fortunately there are methods that will increase your submission speed.

PAD files
About 15% of all the shareware sites have PAD file support. PAD files allow fast submissions by entering the URL of your PAD file. The PAD file holds the information for the application to submit. For more information on how to create and use a PAD file please see:

Instant Clipboard
For the remaining 85% of the shareware sites that don’t have PAD support, Instant Clipboard offers an elegant solution. Instant Clipboard will allow you to have many clipboards at the same time. You can associate every clipboard with a key. E.g. first associate the title with the key “T”, the homepage link with the key “H” and the description with the key “D” etc.

At the point of submission simply press CTRL + “T” to paste the title, CTRL + “H” to paste the homepage link and CTRL + “D” to paste the description. By eliminating the need of swapping to the text file the submission speed will dramatically increase. For more information please see:

Traditional average submission time at CNET’s 1 minute and 40 seconds. Instant Clipboard average submission time at CNET’s 35 seconds.

There are hundreds of submission sites out there. Submitting software is very time-consuming. Since only 15% support PAD files a useful complement is Instant Clipboard.

Please let me know if you want further information on how Instant Clipboard can help you to improve your submission times.

Yours sincerely,
Sureshot Software

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